UNIVPM is the Polytechnic University of Marche Region located in the centre of Italy. The University consists of 5 Faculties in the Science field andemploys 530 professors and researchers.
UNIVPM will participate in the project through cooperation of its two Engineering Departments: DIISM – Dipartimento di Ingeneria Industriale e ScienzeMatematiche and SIMAU – Scienzeed Ingeneria della Materia, dell’Ambientee dell’Urbanistica. Both Departments are active in many sectors related to the Physical, Environmental and Energy Science and Technologies and have a long established experience in the study and application of innovative energy technologies and environment protection.
In addition, DIISM works in very close cooperation with researchers and professors of the Telematic University eCAMPUS, which specialises in implementing the distance learning through e-learning. This affiliation allows both Universities to share the teaching laboratories and facilities together with up-to date IT technologies to carry out e-learning teaching.
DIISM and SIMAU have already taken part in a number of national and international research projects and have close relationship with Private Companies and Public Authorities to support innovation teaching processes.

Research Topics

The key activities of the staff members involved in this project are mainly focused on Alternative Fuels and Technologies, Energy Systems and Environmental Impact.

Project Role

Due to accumulated extensive experience in e-learning the role of the team in the project will be focused on the teaching partner academics the implementation of similar facilities at Latin America Universities (Task 2.5) with using corresponding software and hardware. In particular, the aim for the team in this cooperation will be to fully integrated-learning in teaching process of Bachelor and Master level modules in Renewable Energy Engineering.
UNIVPM is responsible for completion of WP3 on implementation of e-learning into modules in Renewable Energy Engineering.
Additional tasks for UNIVPM will be:

  • To support Project Coordinator in Project execution and monitoring the progress;
  • To work on the Project Network development in Italy;
  • To take part in the modernisation and enhancing of the structure and syllabus of the selected modules on Renewable Energy on Bachelor and Master levels and distance improvement of Skills Development of PhD students doing research in Renewable Energy Area.
  • To assist partners in setting up teaching laboratories and deriving the Laboratory work notes;
  • To take part in the teaching process;
  • To participate in quality assurance of all teaching methods and processes;
  • To actively participate in promotion and dissemination of project activities and results on local, national and international levels.

People (staff members)

Prof. Gabriele Comodi is Assistant Professor of “Energy systems” at Università Politecnica della Marche. He got a PhD in Energetics in 2004. Since academic year 2010/11 he is lecturer of “Energy conversion systems” of MSc Mechanical engineering. He actively cooperates in EERA- Smart cities joint program, in particular in the sub-program “Urban Energy Networks” and “Simulation task force”. His main research fields are: i) Modeling and simulation of distributed energy systems integrated in urban energy networks; ii) Demand side management; iii) HCPV – High concentration photovoltaic; iv) fuel cells (SOFC and SOEC); v) Local energy planning. Gabriele is an active reviewer of several scientific journal (Applied energy, Energy, Energy conversion and management, Energy Policy, Solar Energy, Energy Efficiency, Journal of cleaner production, Desalination and Water Treatment, Neurocomputing, Sustainability — Open Access Journal (MDPI), Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences – An Interactive Open Access Journal of the European Geosciences Union(Copernicus Office). He is/was supervisor, of 6 PhD students.

Site :

Dr Cioccolanti has a PhDdegree in Energy systems and experience of lecturing such modules as Energy Systems Design, Energy System Management and Machine-Environment Interaction. He also was a Module Leader Distributed Generation and Renewable Solar Technologies course and of the online First Level Master course “Technologies and Management of Renewable Energy Systems”. Dr Cioccolanti acted as a project manager (Invitalia project “Brevetti +” and
Regional project on the design of an onboard auxiliary power and desalination unit).
His research activity is mainly concentrated on Energy systems and their environmental impact.