Summary of the activities up to date

The summary of activities which have been implemented up to date can be described as follows:

WP1: The core of the Project Network has been created and work is ongoing on its expansion. The market survey document was developed and the survey process of organisations is being conducted. Survey responses clearly indicate that all engineering graduate employees consider the enhanced knowledge of modern Renewable Energy Technologies as a very important attribute of graduates. It has not been possible yet to estimate numbers on the annual demand for such graduates in partner countries but survey will be continued. Besides, the number of students enrolling into mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering subjects are already very high and the majority of them consider learning about modern Renewable Energy Technologies as a very important feature of their teaching process.

WP2: Modules at Bachelor and Maters degree were selected for new development or enhancement and work on part of these modules has been completed with work ongoing on other modules. Teaching plans were finalised for teaching of enhanced or new modules. Work on purchasing of equipment is ongoing with paperwork being almost completed for a tender process.

WP3: Quality assurance plan for project activities and also for didactic materials and teaching and examination processes has been developed and made available at the projects website. The developed Quality Assurance Plan is based on using two levels of control and inspection: at internal and external levels and by assigning an experienced member of the Project Executive Committee as a Leader of Quality Assurance Plan.

As a part of WP4, newly developed or enhanced modules has been approved by the relevant Departments and Faculties and teaching process of the majority of these newly developed or enhanced modules has commenced. Additionally, 32 PhD students from 6 Partner Universities are participating in activates on their skills development and have been allocated to EU universities to be mentored by their staff. Two successful workshops for academic staff and students were organised: the first one at the Industrial University of Santander with about 110 attendees and the second one was held at the Federal University of Bahia with 65 students. Additionally, two seminars were organised at the Federal University of Bahia.
Planning works are ongoing to provide internship placements of Master students at local companies at Partner Countries.

Implementation of WP5 has resulted in organising three Project meetings with another six meeting scheduled. These meetings arranged in such a way so that to have meetings of the Project Executive Committee and also run Workshops and Seminars. As a part of this Work Package, the Project’s website was developed. For storing and working with project materials the consortium uses Dropbox facilities. Financial and legal documents are sent directly to Financial and Legal Departments at Northumbria University.


Quality assurance

QA activities are separated into a special Work Package 3 with four separate tasks and include QA of project Activities; QA of newly developed or enhanced didactic materials; QA of employed teaching methods and procedures; QA of employed examination processes. Detailed description of the QA Plan is attached below to this report:



New/updated courses

Teaching of the following new/updated modules at the Bachelor level has been started:

1. Renewable Energy (renewed by 30%);
2. Energia Helioterrmica (renewed by 35%);

1.Energy Technologies (renewed by 35%);

1.Ecología Industrial (renewed by 35%);
2. Generacion energia electrica (new);

CUJAE (Cuba):
1.Renewable Energy (renewed by 30%).

The teaching of following enhanced or newly developed modules for Master students has been commenced:

1. De Potencia_Fotovoltaica (new).

1.Renewable Energy Viability in Colombia (renewed by 35%).
2.Hydrogen Technology (renewed by 35%);

UDO (Cuba):
1. Biomass, Bioconversion, Gasification and Pyrolysis (new);
2.Wind and water power technologies and devices (new).

The teaching of the following new module will start in UFBA:
1. Gestão da Cadeia de Suprimentos para Sistemas de Energias Renováveis (new);