Project Newsletter 9 (10 March 2019)

The 9th CRUX Project Meeting
Renewable Energy Workshop
Industrial University of Santander and University of Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia

The 9th CRUX Project Meeting
The Crux 9th project meeting took place in Bucaramanga, jointly hosted by The University of Santander and The Industrial University of Santander. The meeting sessions were jointly Chaired by Profs Gladys Lizarazo, Vyacheslav Kafarov and Khamid Mahkamov.

Renewable Energy Technologies Workshop 
Two Renewable Energy Technologies workshops were held at the University of Santander (07 March 2019) and Industrial University of Santander (08 March 2019). The first workshop was hosted by Prof. Gladys Lizarazo and Dr. Ivan Serna Suarez, while the second was hosted and chaired by Prof. Viacheslav Kafarov. There was large audience of Undergraduate and MSc students at both events as well as representatives of local industries.




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