Project Newsletter 2 (21 October 2016)

The 2nd CRUX Project Meeting
1st Workshop on Renewable Energy Technologies
Universidad Industrial de Santander and University of Santander

The 2nd CRUX Project Meeting
The Crux 2nd Project Meeting took place in Bucaramanga, jointly hosted by The University of Santander (12-13 October 2016) and The Industrial University of Santander (14 October 2016). The meeting sessions were jointly Chaired by Profs Gilberto Carrillo-Caicedo, Vyacheslav Kafarov and Khamid Mahkamov.
Teams from Colombia, Brazil and EU Universities reported on the progress made in the Project activities and further action on implementation of development of didactic materials and teaching process were discussed. Delays in achieving Project targets were discussed at Cuban partner Universities and actions to overcome these difficulties were put forward and importance of closer cooperation between all teams was highlighted. Various options for purchasing of teaching laboratory equipment were analysed so to obtain the best value for the available budget.

1st Workshop on Renewable Energy Technologies
The First Workshop on Renewable Energy Technologies was organized in the framework of the CRUX Project was organized by the Industrial University of Santander on 14 October 2016 from 8 am to 13.00. The workshop was attended by approximately 110 undergraduate, MSc and PhD student from Industrial University of Santander (UIS) and other Universities in Bucaramanga (Columbia). Delegates included academic and Research staff of (UIS) and representatives of local industry.
The workshop was led by Prof Vycheslav Kafarov, Dean of Chemical Engineering Faculty of the Industrial University of Santander and presentations were made by Profs K Mahkamov (Northumbria University, UK), Electo Silva Lora (The Federal University of Itajuba, Brazil), Profs Ednildo Andrade Torres and Gaudencio Freires (The Federal University of Bahia, Salvador, Brazil), Prof Rene Lesme Jaen (The University of Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba), Prof Magin Lapuerta (The University of Castilla-La Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain) and Profs Luca Ciccolanti and Gabriele Comodi (The Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona, Italy). Presentations described aims, objectives and activities of the CRUX Project and its implementation at Partner Universities in Brazil, Colombia and Cuba. Presenters also discussed research activities at Universities of the Project Consortium in the area of Renewable Energy Technologies.




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